Team Bio

Vivek Arya

Vivek distributes his time between product ideation, text processing algorithms, software architecture design, and hacking in python. He previously co-founded MakeSense Technologies, a recruitment technology venture which was later acquired by India’s biggest job portal, After working on the integration of the semantic search and match technology developed at MakeSense into various Naukri products, he shifted into the role of an Independent Consultant with Info Edge India Ltd. Vivek started his career as an Analyst with Deutsche Bank, after acquiring his B.Tech degree from IIT Bombay. When he is not working, Vivek likes to meditate, read spiritual books and play FIFA on his playstation.

Anand Ramachandran

Anand’s expertise lies in conceptualizing and developing semantic technology products that can extract structured information from free text, by using natural language processing and text analytics. He was previously a co-founder of MakeSense Technologies that created a proprietary search technology, which was later acquired by India’s largest job portal (Info Edge India Ltd). After working as an Associate Vice President at Info Edge for a couple of years, he moved on to an independent consulting role with the Data Sciences team there. An alumnus of IIT Bombay, Anand likes to spend his free time playing football, swimming, watching sitcoms, and singing his favorite Bollywood numbers.

Parth Bhalothia

Parth is the data miner in the group, who keeps himself updated on anything and everything on the internet. He enjoys coming up with new ideas for mobile apps since his days at Delhi College of Engineering, where he built a jokes application. An ardent fan of Manchester United, he follows soccer leagues across the world, and loves playing the game too. A complete foodie, who we think is the biggest customer of some of the latest food tech startups.

Ankit Arya

Ankit is passionate about consumer web and mobile technologies, and loves developing front-end applications. His tryst with computers began at Delhi College of Engineering, where he built a jokes application on android as a source of entertainment for all his friends. When he is not writing code, you will find him composing tunes on his casio and guitar.

Pranav Parth Tyagi

Pranav is a 2014 DCE graduate and has two years of Business Consulting experience at EY and one year of entrepreneurial. At Buzzopionion he is responsible for rapid experimentation across marketing channels and accordingly drives UX development. He also enjoys traveling, trying new cuisines and listening to music.