10 Sports To Play To Get Active This Summer

Depending on where you live, you may be celebrating the end of a long winter and the arrival of mild weather. In fact, as soon as the temperature rose above 60 degrees and at least one tree began to bloom, some of us declared that summer had arrived. Summer sports, whether competitive or just looking for a reason to get outside and move around, are a great way to take advantage of the new season after emerging from winter hibernation.

The good news is that there are a variety of enjoyable sports to choose from, ranging from easy to difficult, peaceful to intense. You don’t have to be an Olympian to participate, and even if you don’t want to participate in a team sport, you can get started by going for a walk outside. If you’re ready to embrace your inner athlete, here are 10 sports that are enjoyable in any season, but are especially enjoyable when performed outside during the summer months.


Swimming is a great way to exercise in the water if you don’t want to work up a sweat on dry land on a hot summer day. Summer is an excellent time to increase your swimming time, whether for recreation, exercise, or competition. Jump into the nearest beach or pool. Just remember to prioritize safety. Because the United States is suffering from a lifeguard shortage, it’s best to avoid swimming without a professional present until you find a pool or beach with lifeguards on duty.


You can play tennis all year if you have access to an indoor court nearby. Playing outside, on the other hand, is fantastic, especially if you can find some friendly rivalry. After only 30 minutes on the court, you’ll realize what an incredible workout it is.

Hockey on the Street

Hockey is not always played on an ice rink. Ground hockey, also known as street hockey, is an exciting (and, if you want, intense) variation of the game. Furthermore, playing outside in the sun is far more appealing than skating on a chilly inside surface of ice. Find some friends, gather some sticks and pucks, and then head to a deserted lot or street to begin playing.


Hey, breakdancing is about to become an Olympic sport, so you might as well start practicing now. Look for a dance class that meets outside (it doesn’t have to be breakdancing), or grab your phone and practice dancing with online tutorials. You’ll be ready to perform a sunset concert in no time.

Soccer for the Blind

People who are blind or visually impaired can participate in blind soccer. Players who can see must wear eye shields to prevent them from seeing during the game. The game is typically played on a smaller field than regular soccer. While the number of programs in the United States has increased, Brazil is still thought to have the best blind soccer team in the world.


Rugby is best enjoyed by those who are familiar with the rules, as they can be quite perplexing. And, while professional Major League Rugby exists in the United States, it is undeniably more popular elsewhere. Even if you spend most of your time on the sidelines admiring the weather and trying to make sense of it all, the sport is worth a shot if you’re looking for a challenge. The sport can be challenging.


Baseball is often referred to as “America’s favorite pastime” for a reason: it’s entertaining — and not just to watch. In fact, some might argue that playing and being a part of the action is far more enjoyable. Start practicing your base-running at an open field with friends or by joining a recreational league.


Softball is not a lesser sport because the field is smaller and the ball is larger and softer than baseball. Furthermore, if you’re looking to join an adult recreational league, softball leagues are usually easier to find than baseball leagues. Can you hit the most home runs in one season?


For those who play it well, it can be a fantastic competitive sport. It is, in fact, a recognized Olympic sport. Handball players use their hands to pass the ball between teammates and eventually into the goal of the opposing team. Handball is a sport that resembles a cross between basketball and soccer. Because the goal is essentially a soccer goal, you can play it on any open soccer field you come across.


Football is another vigorous activity that is ideal for playing with friends outside. Soccer is comparable. It’s never too late to start playing, or to give it a try if you haven’t already. Soccer fans worldwide will be looking forward to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar; once you know what to do, you’ll have even more fun joining them.